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Hi there! I'm Elle...

Originally from a small village in Northamptonshire, I recently moved to Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire to be with my partner.

I'm 25 and have always LOVED baking! My nanna was a baker and my mum used to make wedding cakes on the side not to long ago.. These two women taught me a lot of what I know and really encouraged me when I decided I also wanted to start a small business selling the sweet delights I enjoy creating.

The name 'Badger' comes from a nickname my boyfriend has for me. I once came home with a bleached blonde stripped fringe, as a result 'Badger' stuck!

Badger Bakes Co. was born after a lot of casual baking for my colleagues soon turned into cake orders... Alongside this I started up a baking blog on Instagram , which gained a big following. After becoming much more confident with different baking techniques, I decided to start my own business!

All of your orders and support mean so much to me. 

Elle x

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